Friday, December 14, 2007

Religious Violence

With a twist.

(ok this is a semi-serious issue that I'm going to take very very light hearted and some would say offensively because I can)

Ok heres the scene, We got some jews and christians on a subway. One of christ's little helpers says Merry Christmas, so some crazy mashugana replies Happy Hanukkah. Woah. Apparently the keeper of the cross figured thems was fighting words and attacked the chosen one. While his ten deep posse cheered him on, "Oh, Hanukkah. That's the day that the Jews killed Jesus," said one of the bitches. Then "bam" outta left field comes captain muhammad all old school batman like to "kapow"save the day. Another kosher fiend jacked the E-brake at the station and the 5-0 swarmed 'em like a plague of locus. The apostles were taken away and in a nod to irony the NY "we don't profile" PD also arrested the hero of the story for being brown. Luckily it only took a little sheeny magic to set his savior free. Now the jesus humpers are facing
"charges that include assault, attempted assault, menacing, harassment, unlawful assembly, riot and disorderly conduct, Silverstein said."

Good for them, there should also be a charge for being a douchebag. But I do need to comment on the charge of Unlawful Assembly. What the fuck is that? I'm pretty sure the right to assemble in in the constitution, the very first amendment actually. Although that does only cover peaceful assembly, so maybe thats why its a law, but I would think the others laws would cover non-peaceful assembly. I know this might seem like an odd plea in this case but I don't like the very idea of any law restricting the right to assemble. As for the rest of this case, fuck the intolerant bastards who get upset when someone wishes to acknowledge that there is more than one way to worship an invisible sky daddy. Especially pathetic when he attacked a guy for saying Happy Hanukkah during Hanukkah rather than say Merry Christmas which isn't for two weeks. And for some reason all I can think of now is this old article I saw, the premise is what would happen if christians and atheists switched roles, and atheists acted the way christians do. Oh and why the fuck is there a question of if this is a hate crime? Seems pretty clear cut to me.

Long story short, a big thank you to the hero of our story, Hassan Askari, thank you for doing the right thing, thank you for helping a person in need, thank you for putting yourself in harms way (and harm was inflicted), and finally thank you for the incredible irony of a muslim man coming to the aid of a jew. This is what makes america great, oh sure we have our problems as the christians demonstrate in this story, but there is also hope. How many other countries would you even have jews muslims and christians on a train together, let alone then have the muslim save the jew? This half of the story gives me hope for a better tomorrow. And of minor note, Walter Adler needs to get some new friends, he wasn't alone when he got attacked but it was a stranger who came to his rescue, I know if someone ever sucker punched me around my friends my concern would be restraining my friends before they did critical damage to the sucka.

Hat tip to the incredible PZ Myers for pointing this out. Happy Holidays everyone, and lets avoid the violence.

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