Monday, January 28, 2008

A weekend

I had quite the weekend, I just wish I could remember a bit more of it. We went to a local event called Wine-On-Ice, so called because its a wine tasting held in a hockey rink, luckily with the ice itself covered. Someone said they thought it would be more fun on the actual ice, but I disagree. It was tough enough walking on that much wine, ice would have meant severe bruising. So we had plenty of wine and then headed off to the bar, I don't recall how we got there, I'm sure someone picked us up. I don't know much of what happened at the bar but a good time was had none-the-less. I bite a friend of mine, messed with the musician, stumbled and danced, eventually getting a lift back to my place. Where I knocked the TV over and broke the door off the TV stand. Good times. Then in the very early morning hours I woke up on the couch and there is a random woman playing the guitar and singing songs, along with my roommate and another of his friends. We laughed and had another bottle of wine before they had to head off to school, luckily they had an easy day because they hadn't slept and were a little drunk.

Saturday I went to a birthday party, it was a good time but I was a bit more reserved. It was during this time that I found out a lot of what had happened the night before. Sunday I slept, and did a bit of reading.

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