Friday, February 29, 2008

Liberals Hate The Troops

I'm an uppity college liberal who hates the troops, yup, hate my friends so much that I tried to prevent them from being dragged into an unwinnable conflict. Now with the help of the revolutionary wing of the leftist media (everything but FOX) we can target individual soldiers whom we hate. Case in point, that prince fella from England. Not really sure why but I hate that bastard too, probably just because he's rich and powerful and yet he wants to go to war anyway. Doesn't he know that one of the many perks of being rich is sending other people to die for you? I mean even Ozzy understands that. Those silly brits need to take another lesson from us, just look at our president, he knows better than to allow his kids in harms way. And he's at least theoretically accountable to the people, England's monarch can't be impeached why are they kissing the poor peoples asses? So when William decided to go fight we knew we couldn't allow it, if a prince can fight they might start expecting other rich people to make sacrifices in a time of war. So the liberal media did what it does best and pulled a Plame on him, first they yelled and screamed when he was about to go to Iraq, and so he didn't. So the cheeky bastard snuck off to Afghanistan, where there is apparently some other war going on, when no one was looking. Then bribed the media not to tell. Luckily the champion of the people outed him like a queer republican senator. Boo-ya!

Wait what? It wasn't a liberal that put Prince Harry in harms way? It wasn't the New York Time? Oh my it was actually The Drudge Report. But that goes against all those claims of supporting the troops. Does this mean Drudge is a raving hypocrite? Maybe.... It's also possible there was some sarcasm in this post, but who knows for sure?

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Granola Guy said...

damn rich freaks