Monday, March 03, 2008

The Weekend sans Spamalot

Best Weekend Ever! Ok no, but a pretty damn good one. First I met up with some folks from work at a party/ fund raiser for the local theater. It was a Caribbean themed party which meant throwing on shorts and sandals while theres snow on the ground. A guy I work with played in the band and a good time was had. I then picked up a friend who I've only hung out with a few times but seems really chill, after changing out of the shorts. We head over to a friend of mines house for a small shindig. Good times are had and two interesting things happened, first the friend seemed to be flirting with me, sweet, then she mentions needing to wake up at like 5am, not so sweet, then she tells me its because she's going on a bus trip to NYC to see Spamalot, now I'm fucking jealous, then she realizes there might still be an empty seat, hella killer sweet, a few phone calls later and I'm in. Then the friend who's house we're at gets his pants pulled down by another friend who didn't mean to take the boxers too, so my lady friend and I get an upclose view of some wang, sadly this is far from a first for me, I have odd friends. Luckily shes chill and just laughs it off. We head back to my place to try to sleep for a bit which doesn't work out at all. Now before anyone thinks anything, not a damn thing happened, which is fine, no actually its a good thing I like and respect her so really wouldn't have wanted anything to happen that quickly. We laid there trying to sleep, every now and then asking the other if they were asleep, and the answer was invariably "no" at which point we'd laugh and talk for a bit, then try to sleep again, then repeat. About 5am we get up, seeing as we hadn't sleep it probably would have been smart to wake up a bit earlier so we could shower but it was too late by then.

This was going to be a post about spamalot but I've rambled so long that I think I'll do that separate and just talk about my weekend minus the spam.

So we pile onto a bus full of college kids, and me. I had a feeling at this point that maybe things were a little more complex with the lady than I had hoped as she didn't sit with me, and the whole time she was still very friendly but just a bit more distant in front of her friends than she had been in front of mine. We wandered around NYC for a while, went to the dock for lunch which ironically is one of the few places in NYC I've been to before, oh well. We wandered into St. Somebody's cathedral which was funny because another person in our group said she was going to catch fire if she went in, she didn't neither did I, I almost said something about being a bigger heathen but I decided against it. One thing I do respect about the catholic church, amazing architecture, I love that stuff. When you talk about the great architecture of Europe theres essentially two types of buildings that are brought up, Castles/ Chateau's, and Churches/ Cathedrals which for some reason all start with "c." As we are walking in I get a phone call from my sister, and I'm trying to end the call quickly because as much as I like to rip on religion I'm still going to show respect while I'm a guest on their turf. I even remembered to hank my hat off just after I got off the phone and scurried in, it was funny because I could see one of the... bouncers? nod to me as soon as I took it off as if he was going to say something but I beat him to it. Then I look down the isle and like a hundred yards away theres a freaking wedding going on, what? I guess its cool to have a wedding as such a huge and historic site but its totally not cool to have tourists at your wedding, oh well to each their own. We wandered some more, went to wall street and saw the site where the good George W. was inaugurated, sadly the statue is looking straight at the NY stock exchange, oh how our ideals have changed. This is a bit out of order as this is the point we went to lunch at the docks but whatever. Then we headed back towards the theater after stopping for a quick drink. The play was amazing, but I'll do a separate post about that.

I really wanted to go into the gift shop but it was just mobbed with people so I said I'd go back later, sadly that never happened. I called up my sisters BF and asked where he recommends for a reasonably priced dinner. He said Hells Kitchen, which made one member of our group nervous. I told her it used to be a bad neighborhood but its pretty nice now, I have no idea if thats true or not but I heard one comedian say something to that effect and it put her at ease so whatever. At some point during this walk I notice that my cheeks, the ones on my face, are hurting. I haven't felt that in a long time, I bet theres are many people who never do, they were sore because I have a pretty big smile and I had this giant grin plastered on my face for at least the last 4 hours, and the majority of the time for the last 24 hours at that point. Thats one surefire sign of a good day when your face is sore from too much smiling. At some point we decided that we weren't that hungry and we were going to pay too much no matter what so lets just pick a restaurant and get some drinks in us and a bite to eat. The big sis's BF came over for a drink which was pretty cool considering he had to trek half way across the city just to sit with me for like half an hour over a beer. I think he really likes her, which is great, he listens to lame music but otherwise hes a really nice guy, the only thing about the two of them that I don't like is that they live like 6 hours apart. I had a few overpriced Guinnesses and the others split a pitcher of sangrias. The fun part of that was that two of them were light weights and were stumbling a little on the walk back to the bus. my friend walked arm in arm with the two lightweights on either side while I lead us back to the bus. Those of us who can handle our alcohol decided to stop into a store for a beer for the road. At first I didn't think it was a great idea, then I realized that while my friend might get in trouble there wasn't much of anything they could do to me once the bus was moving. I should have grabbed two. The bus ride back sucked, way too tired and couldn't sleep. at least they threw in a movie, Freedom Writers, pretty good flick. The do gooder teacher trying to save the inner city youths. The scene when the kid talks about being homeless was intense. Then I tried like hell to sleep to no avail. I even laid down on the floor in the middle of the isle but that didn't work either. We got back to town and we walked back across campus, I went to my truck and she went to her dorm, before we split ways I let her know that as much as I enjoyed the play, the reason I'd been smiling for the last 20 some hours was because of her, and I meant it.

Before anyone gets too happy for me. I talked with the lady friend and said I like her and I think she likes me, or am I crazy ( I worded it slightly different) and she said yes she does like me but right now things are a little complicated, theres sort of a guy back home, so for now we're friends. Which I'm totally cool with, we're being open and honest. About the only thing I've figured out about relationships is that almost all problems stem from either lack of communication or lack of honesty, or both. I really don't think women are as crazy as they seem, I just think that without knowing whats going on anyone can seem crazy. So for the time being we are just friends, or Flirtatious Friends as she put it. Sounds good to me. Anyway, a pretty damn good weekend. Now I just gotta review Spamalot.

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