Monday, March 10, 2008

Bad Governor go sit in the corner, Alone!

So El Spitzer done gone and got himself caught up with some whores. It sounds like they were high-end prostitutes so I'm not that mad at the guy, but considering the hypocrisy of the whole thing from someone who always claimed the moral high ground it's pretty bad. He should have legalized it, then when he got busted he could just tell the press, "What? So I bang whores, my wife doesn't mind why should you? and remember kids wrap it before you tap it." I never much cared for Spitzer so I don't care that much now, he seemed alright and it was clear he was going to win the election so I never really did much research on the guy, I guess theres a lot of people wishing they had done a bit more research. Of course at this point it just says he was involved, was he paying for nookie or running a brothel? Theres a bit of a difference. But thats all the time I've got peace out to all you folks on the internets!

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Rob the Granola Guy said...

Thanks Kilgore. I needed a laugh. Now I'm going to go back to my basement and pout some more.