Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Inconsiderate bastards

Ok this minor little story came from a while ago but I need to point it out anyway. I'm at the laundromat havin' a good ol' time watching some daily show goodness and Colbert is up next. I had to throw stuff in the drier and at about that point a couple other people walk in. One says something about how long its going to take and then the other says well if were going to be here then we might as well be entertained and changes the channel. Now ever other time I've seen people come into the place when others were there and try to change the channel they started by asking, hey are you watching this? I've been asked that while reading a book with the tv volume almost off, but thats what polite people do. These assholes couldn't have cared less that someone else was there first. Then to add insult to injury what did they make me miss the finest satire on TV for? America's Next Top Model. Grrrr......
So what does one do in this situation? I could have said, Excuse me I was watching that. I could have simply changed it back. I could have gone to the other side of the place and read the book I had brought, I went a different route. Get them back without doing a thing. There are three chairs near the TV, and a couple more on the far side, I simply sat back down where I had been put my headphones in and read my book while sitting in the middle chair of the three under the TV. They kept me from watching my show, I kept them from watching theres, and I had my own entertainment anyway. I should have just changed it back but I'm too passive. Oh well.

Oh and fuck them bitches.

Then today I'm driving, I head onto the highway and theres a little construction going on and theres just one travel lane and a stop at the merge. No big deal its not that terribly busy a highway. Wait till there a good size gap and don't be stingy with thee throttle when you hop into the travel lane, simple right? The other option that I hadn't thought of but apparently several people ahead of me did was to stop at the sign the slowly pull out right in front of a car traveling at 60+ mph forcing them to brake rapidly to avoid a collision, my personal fav being the city buss that pulled out in front of the tractor trailer, great plan asshole. I was impressed there wasn't a crash, well done mr. (or mrs.) trucker.

I had another uber-asshole move that I saw at about the same time as the laundromat, now I've forgotten what it was, but fuck that jerk too.

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