Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thanks Pops! - Great Quote

My parents are renovating a building so I've been doing some work with them last couple evenings after regular work. It's been fun to get to just talk about stuff, just the two of us. Sure we just got back from a vacation together but there were always others around and I kinda tried to avoid politics with that crew. Of course it was the week of the PA primaries and I'd just gone to see Obama speak, oh shit I never mentioned that did I? Anyway politics came up after considerable drinking which isn't always the best plan, but it sure wasn't going to stop me. Parts of it got quite heated, but I was just getting pissed off because one guy kept saying that he hated my boy Eric Massa because he was just a full time politician..... For the non-locals, Massa is a 27 (?) year naval vet who held some pretty lofty posts under Gen. Wes Clark but has never held a political office. Yes he's been campaigning against the incumbent who actually has been a politician most if not all of his adult life but somehow none of that was relevant because Massa is a full time politician, end of discussion. Whatever fucktard. So while I wouldn't call my father a liberal I do consider him a very logical and rational person which means many of his views are fairly liberal, with a bit of a libertarian lean. But when in a group of decidedly conservatives, he'd rather just have a good time, he is on vacation at the time. Me on the other hand, my politics don't take a rest, especially not just cause I'm drunk. What I'm trying to say is that the last couple days we've had some interesting convo's. I try not to dwell on the heavy stuff for too long but some shit just needs to be said.

Now for the story about the quote, some ad came on for Larry the Cable Guy, and so I told my dad, "It's kinda funny of all the different groups of people, the only one that consistently makes me feel awkward and uncomfortable is rednecks." "Maybe that because they seem to be about one breath away from being skinheads" my dad fires back with no hesitation. Well done dad, well done.

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