Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Support The Troops

WTF?!?!?! There is something very very wrong with this country. There was recently a "Saving Private Ryan" moment where a man lost both of his brothers in combat and under the sole survivor rule he was sent home. That alone is a sad story but at least the Army tries to prevent undo hardship for the family by sending the survivor home, right? Yeah until he gets home and loses all his benefits, loses his GI bill, is told to re-pay his enlistment bonus and even finds out that his pregnant wife no longer has insurance. He did the smart thing and phoned his congressman who was able to get him some of his benefits back and is now working on a bill to give sole survivors the same benefits as anyone else who is honorably discharged. Support this bill.

I'm just getting over a nasty little stomach bug which left me dead to the world yesterday and I'm not exactly 100% yet otherwise you can bet there would be far more swearing and indignation in this post.

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