Friday, April 11, 2008


Say it again, infrastructure. Thats the shit that keeps a country going, its the roads we travel on, its the water mains that we drink from, the sewers we poop in, the power lines that well power everything, the dams that prevent floods. These are important things. It's also interesting to note that there was a time when part of our bloated military budget went to such things. After WWII we realized that the germans were able to put up one hell of a fight against the US, the UK, and Russia all at the same time at least partially because they had an incredible system of highways now known best for their lack of speed limits. So Eisenhower said damn, if we want real homeland security a big part of that is infrastructure so he had the army build much of our modern highway system. Ok most of those original roads have been replaced by now but you get the idea. We spend half a trillion dollars on the military why not have them do something productive instead of destructive? So without further ado here is Popular Mechanics list of "10 Pieces of US Infrastructure We Must Fix Now." And when one of these fails the media will again hype, we had no idea the levees could fail.

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