Thursday, May 15, 2008


Fuck that guy.

He's just another evangelical creep with way more influence than can possibly be justified, the fact that McCain feels he must snuggle up to a psycho like this in order to appeal to the religious right shows just how far this country has slipped. Yeah I could make the connections between the Hagee and McCain, Wright and Obama, but McCain didn't actually attend that monument of hate, er church. It's honestly not the same. I'm not even going to rag on McCain for previously saying that televangelists are "agents of intolerance" (there was a time when McCain was one of the few good republicans) then turning around and courting them, then turning around again when everyone pointed out Hagee wears an asshat. He's a politician hunting for votes, of course there is hypocrisy. The reason this bothers me is exactly what I said at the start, Hagee is the embodiment of what I hate about religion, yet in this country a distinguished politician like McCain is forced to kowtow to quacks in order to get elected. That is in no way an endorsement of McCain, but I have enough respect for the man to say that he should be way above needing to do this in a modern society. The only way out of the dark ages is Education

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What about Hagee's million dollar ministry scandal? How come that is never mentioned in the media? For more info, google search "open letter to pastor hagee"