Thursday, May 15, 2008

Freedom can be awkward

Theres a few ways I can look at this here article about a school with a mural that has offended a few people. The mural does contain various religious symbols, so those who say that it violates the first amendment have a legitimate point. Schools should not be endorsing any religion, unless they are private schools obviously.

The flip side of this is that the students decided what images to include and with the help of a hired artist and a grant they painted a mural inside their building which as been there for five years without bothering anyone. Then a mother sees it and raises a hissy fit. I'm not sure which part is stupider the fact that shes a mother, who HOME SCHOOLS her children AKA they don't go to school there, or the fact that she initially was offended by the Hindu god Shiva dancing on a demon of ignorance which she somehow mistook for an promotion of abortion.

The irony drips.

She also claims that this could confuse the christian students who she apparently assumes are just as stupid as she is, personally I think it would be great to have truly controversial paintings in schools then if a kid takes offense they can bring it up in the appropriate class and start a meaningful conversation.

Again these kooks stumbled onto a point, yes the law says that schools cannot endorse any particular religion, seeing as it depicts at least four different religions it would be hard to say which they are endorsing, although one option had this been brought up when the mural was in its design phase would have been to include at least one of the abrahamic religions symbols. Of course any true christian would scream blasphemy at this suggestion considering that creating an image of god is the first of the Ten Commandments......
(jews and muslims do follow that which is why muslims flip out over pics of mohammed, and jews even write G_d, hence I pick on christians)

It also tells me that some people's faith is incredibly fragile, do they really think that the simple image of another religions god is going to make their precious snowflakes abandon there beliefs? Are they admitting that any knowledge of the outside world will destroy what they've spent years indoctrinating?

Ultimately I'm not really sure. If I was on the school board I know what I'd do, tell the lady to STFU you're kids don't go here, then I'd let the kids decide. Talk to the social studies teachers and if they can give up two days of class then they will lead a round table discussion on the social and legal ramifications of said mural, then let the kids vote on it. Also have them talk about ways they could show unity and diversity without infringing on the law. Kids are smart, and its their school, let them figure it out. Oh but only the kids that go there.

(STFU = shut the fuck up)

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