Thursday, May 08, 2008

Should She Stay or Should She Go Now?

Oh, Hillary. We've had our fun, you put up one hell of a fight, possibly the most followed primary in our countries history but you've lost, yeah technically Obama hasn't won it yet, but that doesn't change the fact that you have lost. Why not just pack it in while you still can muster up a little dignity? You've still got a job to come back to, BTW as one of your constituents/ boss/ taxpayer/ "guy who helps to pay you eight times what I earn" I wouldn't mind seeing you go back to that job, maybe work on some new laws, ya know that kinda stuff.

But I'm not saying anything new. Hell I'm pretty sure that about half of todays paper was a littany of articles about how and why Clinton needs to concede or simply asking if she will. We can't make her quit, but we can make it obvious that the people have had enough. This battle is over, theres still another huge one that needs to be fought and there is no point delaying the inevitable. I hope she quits, but I don't expect that it will happen.

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