Thursday, May 01, 2008

Gas-Tax Holiday

Or how I learned to stop worrying and love the Obama.

Even My father who (due to unions) is a die-hard republican gave Obama high marks for this one. Because Obama is willing to due what few politicians are, and that is to tell the truth even when the people don't want to hear it. 18 cents off the price of gas, woo hoo! Maybe it'll sneak in just under $4 for the summer so that we can continue to consume at any rate we please! Hey I'm broke as shit that sounds great, at first. The problem is that tax pays for our roads, and other important infrastructure, maybe you've forgotten about that horrible bridge collapse but those who haven't realize that by taking $9,000,0000,000 out of our transportation budget we might just be running the risk of allowing our infrastructure to degrade a bit further. This is a little band-aid so that people have slightly less to bitch about this summer, that way the politicians can say, "see we care about you poor people that we're forced to talk to before elections. We are doing something to ease your burden, oh and Vote for Me!" But what a real leader does is say, yeah but whats that going to cost you in the long run? How many highway workers are going to be out of jobs or have time cut back if we reduce the budget by $9 billion dollars so that you can get about a half a tank of free gas this summer. We need to increase spending on our infrastructure not decrease it. I'm not advocating increasing taxes, (other than restoring the death tax) I'm saying we've got bills that need to be paid and as a country we need to stop putting everything on the credit card and start paying more than the minimum balance. We need major economic changes to fix our problems, temporarily slashing an important tax for political gain is problem, not a solution, its not even a very good band-aid.

Although the fact that he once supported doing the same thing in his own state doesn't bode well for this, unless he says that he learned from that. Oh and for the last time people Yes ethanol is a good band-aid, making from corn is retarded.

Here's how I'm going to save gas money this summer, its called a Bicycle. "But if you don't drive then your a commie! er terrorist."

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