Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Changed my views on God

Yeah I said it. I just finished "In Search of Schrödinger's Cat" and it has completely transformed my views on god.


I still don't think he exists, I need some evidence of the guy for that. But my opinion of the guy has changed if he/she/it does turn out to exist. I grew up christian so that has fundamentally tainted my views on a higher power, I went to a pretty damn liberal church but I still came to the conclusion that god is a prick. He's made up by people but they made him in the image of a brutal dictator. Just like Saddam Hussein he starts off a real ass hole but by the second half of the book he softens up a bit, still willing to send you to be tortured for eternity but at least he stopped with the earthly genocides.

But now that I have a very vague understanding of quantum mechanics I am fully convinced that if there is a god, he is fucking hilarious. God is of course not really a testable hypothesis, I guess we just have to wait till we die to find out and I'm not in any rush for that. But if he is real then I think I fully understand quantum physics - god is fucking with us. He's gotten bored messing with his followers, theres no challenge, no fun at all. So he found himself a new plaything, physicists. I'm not saying that he sits around messing with the spin of every electron and photon in the universe that would be immensely dull even for an omnipotent critter. No I'm saying that he just messes with the science experiments. He's chilling with Gabrielle (he was an angel right?) Mark Twain, Albert Einstein and a few other layabouts, saying, "Yo check this out, now ya see a wave function, now ya don't! Bwahaha!!!.... oh oh that shit gets me every time."
"Twain, I gotta thank you for this one, I haven't had this much fun since the flood"
"No prob god. Hey, does this make us even for the shit I talked about you? To be fair I really only talked shit about your followers."
"Umm.... sure"
"Wanna mess with a Bell test?"
"Nah, today were going after those french know-it-alls over at CERN, I got your Higgs Boson right here!"
"You guys are jerks"
"Still haven't learned how to have fun Al?"

Yup, so now when I die, if I see I light before me I'm running up to them gates, "Yo Pete! Let me in, come on... "

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