Friday, June 20, 2008

Damn you Bohr!

Ok his work was actually really important but it still means I have an almost entirely incorrect theory still in my head because thats what they teach children despite the fact that is wrong. Why do we do that? Oh right cause the Bohr model is fairly easy to understand while the truth... no so much.See that picture makes sense, unfortunately it's not what an atom looks like.

So I just started reading the book "The Search for Schrödinger's Cat" and so far its essentially a history lesson, but its building up to how the ideas evolved into the present (ok 1984) theories. I've known a tiny bit about quantum mechanics, just enough to know that I have no idea whats really going on, so when I was walking through the used book store and spotted this I figured it was worth a shot. BTW I've said it before but man I love used book stores, you can't go in saying I want to buy X which is half the fun, you wander until something sounds good and you head home only a few bucks lighter.

So yeah I'm learning a little quantum physics, just for fun, and I know I'm just at the start because so far it still makes sense.

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