Friday, June 20, 2008


Man I'm outta the loop these days, I didn't even realize this was going on again, I'm slipping in my old age (26). Anyway Bush is happy therefore the standard drill of folks who like freedom and think that lawbreakers should be held accountable are unhappy.

I don't really know much about this but from what I've read from the various sources, and I do like to check several biases, conservative = yippy corporate immunity, liberal = boo no mo liberties and corps get off after breaking the law, and then objective, which just says it happened bush is happy and Pelosi is not, thanks for the insight.

So from the tiny bit I've gathered the spooks can now tap your phones for a week before getting a warrant compared to the 72 hours it used to be, three days isn't enough time to talk to a judge? come on you're the CIA I think you get to budge in line. And the court then has 30 days to decide so they can tap a phone for 5 weeks without a warrant if I'm reading this right. Awesome. It does provide several levels of oversight, all by the executive branch instead of the judicial where it would be considered oversight.

The other huge part of this is the fact that it give immunity to the telecoms that broke the law by listening to bush. I know its an awkward spot for those companies at the time, do you listen to the president or the law? Seriously back in 2002 I wouldn't have wanted to be the one to tell bush to go fuck himself. Er wait, yes I would, but thats why I'm not a corporate exec. If I was I would have had a tough time telling bush to go fuck himself because I know that if I do I'll be called un-american because I refuse to break the law to sorta kinda maybe help stop the terrorists. Seriously I understand why they did it. But it was still illegal and they should still be held accountable.

Oh and of course it lasts until 2012 so that Obama can't fix it, at least not easily.

Plus the house just spent another $160 billion in order to let more of my friends and the Iraqi people suffer.
Thanks assholes.

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