Thursday, July 10, 2008

God Made Me Fall...

So sue the church!
I love people, for all their stupidity I must admit, they are an amusing lot. The guy who claims that god tripped him and then sued the church when their insurance company didn't want to pay, eh fairly amusing. The comment section afterwards? Amazing.
Anytime someone falls under the Spirit of God, that person is NEVER injured because God protects them. I have seen people who were trampled by women in spiked heels while under the Spirit, and they got up with no injuries. I've seen people hit their heads on pews while falling under the Spirit, and they got up with nary a bruise or mark.

If this man was injured during his fall, he wasn't under the Spirit.

Umm... what kind of a church involves falling on the ground and getting trampled by women in spikes... sounds kinda kinky. Where is that again?

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