Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ha, McCain is Screwed

Seriously what happened to this guy? It wasn't that long ago where I thought that he was one of the few things that would keep the GOP from going supernova. I never bought into the Maverick bullshit but he did seem to be willing to decide for himself which was enough that he had my respect. Note the past tense. Ok, sure I still respect him as a person and as an unlucky soldier but as a presidential candidate hes a fucking joke. Seriously the man has repeatedly fucked up his own position on issues.

Plus he's been doing a remarkably shitty job at his, ya know job job. I know its a pretty low level job being a Senator and all but come on. To be fair I get pissed about dems that do this too, my own senator, Clinton, has missed 202 votes. I've bitched about this in the past. I think it's bullshit that senators essentially stop doing there jobs while they run for president. But some do better than others. Obama, not doin so hot having missed 281 putting him third behind Tim Johnson 311 who had a brain hemorrhage and nearly died and McCain who has missed a whopping 398 votes making him the only senator to miss more than he's voted. The good news is that AZ residence are taking notice, to the point that Obama raised more money last month in McCain's home state. Obama has also pulled pretty close in the polls in AZ, too bad polls in July mean exactly nothing.

So thats pretty bad. Plus theres the nearly endless stream of, flubs, gaffes, mistakes, and confusions. Part of it is that when you change your position as often as McCain it can be hard to remember were you stand, but if you get it wrong today that just means that when your position changes in a few weeks you can claim you never changed. Take for instance Timetables. Thats one huge fuck up on his part. He has the gall to say that Obama would lose the war in order to win the election because he would like to withdrawal the troops within 16 months if the situation in Iraq allows for it. Then the Iraqi government says yeah, we like that plan. Suddenly McCain is left out in the cold so he's forced to say that he thinks its a good plan too. So the young inexperienced senator who's greatest weakness is foreign policy was right, while the veteran soldier military expert senator who only strong point is foreign policy and war had to follow suit because he was wrong. Again. Why the fuck do people want him as president? Remind me again?


DB said...

Whoa!! This is nonsense! I know Obama and McCain are running for President and parading around the world reminding us of that fact, but this is ridiculous! McCain is really starting to piss me off. Before I was cool with "Maverick" McCain until he shed that label and went righty. 63% is a lot of votes to miss, especially for our low standards Senate.

DB said...

btw, sweet blog. I may have to use this post as a guide for my next anti-douchebags in Congress post lol.

Kilgore Trout said...

You could probably have an entire blog for ranting about douchebags in congress without ever worrying about running out of material.