Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fuck Birmingham (oops)

I know that we stopped paying attention to the constitution sometime ago, what with all its crazy liberal ideas about rights and shit, it just couldn't be reconciled with what this country was based on so it is now studiously ignored. Which is too bad cause there was some good shit in there, division of power was a cool concept but nowadays we know that a dictatorship is more efficient and efficiency is all that matters. There was some neat ideas, if totally impractical in the bill of rights too, but can a nation facing the greatest threat the world has ever known, you know a few pissed off dudes we trained in guerrilla warfare with no navy, air force, missiles, tanks or any of that useless crap, really afford to allow freedom of speech? or freedom of religion, or god help us all freedom to talk about various religions? Obviously not. Nope the only way we can be the "land of the free" is to make sure that everyone falls directly in line behind the government and no one questions anything, just like the founding fathers who told the government to go fuck themselves and built a new secular government.... hey wait a minute.

So these assholes in Birmingham decided that while at work there employees should not be able to see certain websites. Censorship at work, fine, block the porn, block youtube, myspace and all that shit I totally understand that, we all seen the estimates of the billions of dollars worth of work hours wasted on solitaire. But this is different they only banned certain views. These employees are still allowed to view sites pertaining to some cults, like christian and islamic but not other cults like voodoo, satanism, occult, witchcraft and rational (atheist). How the fuck atheist ended up in that list just proves that this is nothing more than censoring ideas that someone doesn't like. Ban non work related shit thats fine, ban all religious sites fine, but if you decided to pander to certain cults while censoring others, including non-religious and you have broken the law. I hope someone sues the shit out of them. I'm in a bad mood anyway, hence the random fucking profanity.

Birmingham, a city council that just love equality.
(non sequitur I supposed but oh well fuck birmingham)

UPDATE: Major fuck up on my part! I should have read the original article not just P.Z.'s. This is talking about Birmingham UK not Birmingham, Alabama. Sorry, you fuckers don't have rights, and any rights you decide to use will be monitored and recorded via CCTV. Sucks to be you.

grrrr... and fuck googles captcha program again. kinda defeats the point when a human can't fucking decipher this shit. theres a big ass block of green and the curve for an "r" it could be a retarded r or an i and an r or two i's and an r wtf. douchebags. It wasn't an I and an R.... could they at least use more than one fucking color so I can tell the squiggles apart?

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DB said...

Your rant about the google captcha thing is hilarious. I hear ya! Ok, ok, I'll stop posting comments!

But I agree with your post that Birmingham sucks (both of them). Ban it all or ban none of it. Now to the word verification letters