Thursday, July 31, 2008


This is a rather atypical post for the Rude Pundit, probably cause it wasn't written by the rude one. But as bemoan my personal situation its nice (in a fucked up sorta way) to remember that for the problems I have, my life is still pretty damn good. I couldn't ask for, or even imagine a better family than the one I have, my friends are the shit they would do anything within their limited means if I needed it. I've got a job, its not a very good job but it pays the bills with a little bit left over. I'm poor by American standards which still probably puts me in the top like 80% for the world. I'm overweight but I'm pretty damn healthy otherwise, the only long term meds I've ever been on is an asthma inhaler which I never use. Most people like me, I don't have any enemies. I've never killed anyone, I've never been arrested. Overall my life really is pretty good, I just wish I had someone to share it with. Joy is the one thing that gets bigger when you split it. Well joy and that broom in Fantasia, or mini-ash from Army of Darkness.

P.S. Fuck Captcha - Again

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Rob said...

My neighbor DOUG is old school when it comes to dog training. Whenever she shits on the floor, he pushes her face into it.

I'd like Randy Kuhl to read this, and I'd like to push his smug, warmongering face right in it.