Tuesday, August 26, 2008

14% for a reason (a bit o' swearing)

Thats roughly where congresses approval sits, conservatives hate congress because there's democrats there, liberals hate congress because they haven't accomplished a fucking thing since we got them into power, remember when they were going to end the war? They made it bigger instead, smooth.

But maybe there are even more specific reasons why people hate congress, maybe its because of things like this. Nancy Pelosi, a person who I generally think is alright in terms of ideology and crap in terms of effectiveness has announced what she believes is the next critical source of energy to help ween us off fossil fuels. Natural Gas... wait for it... wait for it... NATURAL GAS IS FOSSIL FUEL YOU FUCKING IDIOT!!!!! What the fuck, seriously, your speaker of the god damn house and you don't even know what the fossil fuels are. Maybe this country really is fucked if this is all we can expect out of our representatives. I guess this goes back to the elitist thing, maybe our government needs to be a bit more elitist so we can get some educated folks into office. Nah that can't be why their popularity is so low, no one pays attention to issues.

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