Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I Hate White People

Not all of ya, there's plenty of crackas that I like but it seems like the one group of people I really have a hard time connecting with is rednecks, ok I'm almost as awkward with the wannabe gangsta types of any color. But at least if politics comes up I can easily win fans among the broke ass thugs. With the rednecks I need to just avoid the issue at all cost because nothing good can come from it. And if there happens to be any new readers here, I'm very much white myself and don't really hate white people. I just hate the hardcore racists, its pretty much the one group of people I'm ok with hating.

A while back I had said that my biggest fear for an Obama presidency was the fact that someone, most likely a crazed racist, would try to assassinate him. I fucking hate being right. Four people were arrested for plotting to assassinate Obama. Shockingly it was white supremacists with hunting rifles. What a country. The good news is that the FBI and the Secret Service (Update: it was local PD that caught these guys, or at least the first guy) are pretty damn good at there jobs. I hope they can keep up the good work because I highly doubt this will be the last attempt.


UPDATE: The good news is that those arrested were not considered a "credible threat" so yeah they probably wanted to do something, but its not clear if they were going to follow through (unless you're a psychic) and it's also unclear if its possible to get a clear shot from outside the stadium. That last part concerns me a little, I would think you'd at least stand on the stage and look around the stadium and see if you can see a hill or tall building anywhere. Plus they were a bunch of drug addicts, not really the most reliable group of people, "I was totally going to shoot that guy, but I got all wasted and forgot to go, damn."

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