Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Was McCain Tortured?

This is an interesting perspective. The question is was John McCain tortured, but it's not questioning his version of what was done to him as a POW. The point is that under the Bush Administration those same acts that McCain rightly defines as torture have been called "enhanced interrogation techniques." The real question to McCain is does he think that what was done to him is acceptable to be used on others? It would have to carefully worded, the North Vietnamese did do shit that we don't, such as trying to set broken bones with no pain-killers, thats gotta suck ass and is in line with what most people think of as torture. Even so He'll be forced to either say that he wasn't tortured and was simply interrogated in an enhanced manner, or he will have to say that the US has been torturing people as a matter of policy. Or he'll lie/ not answer the question.

I agree with the authors note at the bottom that this isn't something that can be brought up by the Obama campaign, but I disagree that the blogsphere can't take advantage of it, and I think that a very careful moderator could bring this up at a debate.

Ok actually I'm currently reading McCain's narrative on his time as a POW, and yeah that fucker was tortured, and while there are parts of it that can be compared, I'm quite sure we don't do a lot of the shit they did. But if you focused on the mental torture then you might be able to make a point but now I agree with the author this would be a very difficult question to raise with any sort of tact. So yeah, avoid this.

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