Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Shhhhhhhh, be vewwwy, vewwwy quiet; we're hunting tewwowists

Damn them terrorist is sneaky. Just look at these recent news reports, this one includes a a young american who was apparently recruited while he was five years old, have they no mercy? When asked if he was a terrorist the boy, James Robinson, now 8 responded cryptically, "I don't know." Savage. But it gets even worse, they also recruited another man, also named James Robinson, who's a lawyer and to no surprise used to work for the Clinton Administration. I'm not sure which way the cause and effect goes on that one. More shocking still is the case of James Robinson, who's an Airline Pilot! Not only that but this pilot is licensed by the TSA to carry a gun On The Plane!!! The terrorist probably got to him back when he was a brigadier general in the Air National Guard. I told you they're sneaky, but I'm not sure why they keep training people with the same name.

Heres another would be terrorist, also a pilot. It's hard to tell if they got to him while he was living in the middle east, he's a veteran of the first gulf war, or if its just a part of the conversion process. Don't let his whiteness confuse you, he's a Muslim. He's even getting help from those freedom haters over at the ACLU, something about how his pilot job requires him not to be on the "Do Not Fly" list. Guess he should have thought of that before he became a terrorist.

I'm sure all (both) my readers know that this is sarcasm but I want to point that out in case someone else ends up here somehow.

The illusion of security.

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