Thursday, September 04, 2008

Good Times and Bad

Theres one hell of a story over at The Minnesota Independent about a protester. First he was in a funny picture where he's laying down in front of a wall of cops, but lying down in a George Kastanza (sp? Seinfeld) trying to look sexy sorta way. It's fairly amusing. Or at least it was till the cops kicked the shit out of him later that day. He has a rather clear boot print on his back and he's scraped up from being dragged down the street. I'd like to show the pics and have a link to it. Unfortunately every time I've gone to The Minnesota Independent website today my computer has frozen. I think part of it is they're getting way more traffic than they can handle, or maybe my computer is just a POS.

I talked to my uber-right-wing-evangelical-coworker today. I try to avoid politics with her for obvious reasons. Mostly because she's not well informed, usually wrong, but shes a very nice old lady, and she keeps track of our vacation time so its best to keep on her good side. Shes the one I've mentioned wanting to tell that I'm an atheist on my last day because she does like me and that will blow her mind. She's friendly with a devil worshiper? Um, no I don't believe in that guy either. Anyway she brought up having watched Palin's speech, perfect, now I'm not the one who started it. She loved the speech, no big shock. But when she got into Palin's experience I couldn't help but laugh directly at her. She was mayor of a town a third the size of the shit hole I live in, then was govenor of a state with a population of under 700,000. Shut the fuck up. Ok I didn't say that part.

Shit shit shit, I gotta head to class and I was just getting to the part that I'm really happy about.
Go here read this! srsly.

Oh and speaking of populations I'm heading to a city with a population of about 3.5 million this weekend, its called Brooklyn, and its just one part of The City. So I won't be back till next monday most likely.
Have a great weekend and fuck the police!


rob said...

Micheal Moore has a section about how to talk to Republicans in his book "Dude, Where's My Country?" I'll see if I can find it online.

Also, let's plan a get together. QoMU and I will spring for the beer and steal some gas from the neighbors for you.

Kilgore Trout said...

Ha! Sounds like a plan, although I think we can avoid the theft. I'm free this upcoming weekend.