Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sarah Palin

Yeah I'm late but I still need to throw in my two cents. First I'll say, awesome job by Obama to take the high road and avoid bringing up Palin daughter, even including what I would call encouragement by reminding everyone that his own mother was only 18 when she had Barack. (I ramble for a bit, but theres some good links at towards the bottom)

But I don't work for Obama, they found someone better, so I don't have to take the high road, although I do work with teen mothers so this seems like an opportunity to talk about a serious issue that this country simply doesn't want to talk about. There's a fair number of problems in this country that stem directly from the fact that we have a very immature attitude towards Sex and Drugs (probably other shit too). There is currently debate about lowering the drinking age (alcohol is a drug, a rather dangerous one at that) but the resistance comes from people who think 18 year olds are too immature on the subject. I think the whole fucking country is too immature on the subject. If a 14 year old would occasionally have a glass of wine with their parents at dinner, then by the time they could drink in public it wouldn't be a big deal. Just to make that perfectly clear, I support PARENTS giving alcohol to minors in order for them to learn, and so they too can enjoy a nice beverage. Same goes for sex, but a much less hands on approach, that would be weird. If sex was not kept as such a taboo then maybe we wouldn't be so damn uncomfortable talking about it. The penis goes into the vagina, try it, it's nice, and if you don't wrap it with a condom first you'll end up with a kid. Whats the big deal? As a species we've been fucking since the start, why is that a fact we try to keep hidden? Shit heres a stupid example, there was a whole big deal about GTA San Andreas because there was a way to see nudity, mind you this is one of the most violent games you can buy, and highly entertaining. Killing anyone and everyone, thats fine, show a computer generated nipple and suddenly its vile? Seriously we have our priorities fucked up.

Ok so back to Palin. I'm not going to take the low road in the sense that I'll question her parenting simply because her kid got knocked up, that shit happens. People fuck and sometimes that leads to more people, no big deal. What I will question is her support for abstinence only education, even if she didn't have kids I would question that stance. The fact that her own daughter is proof of the failure of abstinence only education is something I'm not sure I could ignore. I'm honestly not sure if that would be considered an attack against her family or not. If I was part of the Obama crew I wouldn't use it, but I'd strongly go after her stance and let the public make the connection in their minds.

I am curious about her stance on Abortion, I know that her public stance is no-way no-how no-exceptions you get raped by your father, guess what you're gunna be a mommy now! That way the kid will have a father and a grandfather in the picture. Yeah, not cool, but there was one little comment that had me curious. I don't have the exact text or the source right now but essentially Sarah Palin was saying she was happy that her daughter made the right choice... Hmm... what choice might that be? Is she saying that it was a possibility that her daughter might be allowed to make a choice about her own body? Better fix that law.

Like everyone else I feel the nomination of Palin is a crass insult to women who support/ supported Hillary. Does the GOP really think women are that stupid? Yeah Sarah Palin has two X chromosomes, that does NOT mean she supports womens rights at all. I hope Hillary's supporters listened to her during the DNC, anyone who cares about womens issues cannot vote for McCain, especially with Palin as running mate.

I don't think I've really explained just how bad she is. I'm not going to get into her lack of experience because honestly that doesn't bother me. Although I do love the back flips republicans are doing in order to justify how a year and a half as Governor of the 47th most populous state is adequate experience. I don't mind, but shut the fuck up about Obama, not that they will, cause you know Governor is executive experience. Not only that but Alaska is near Russia, RUSSIA! Not that the governor has any control over all the military shit that goes on protecting us from the commies.... the fact that some people could even begin to use that argument makes me think of that famous quote by (or at least attributed to) Churchill, "The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter."

Shit that wasn't going to be about experience, this one really won't be. How about the fact that she's a right wing nut job? Go here for video goodness, er well not exactly good.... Thanks PZ. Seriously our education system is fucked, the last thing we can afford as a nation is falling even further behind due to some psychos that think knowledge is evil. For example, shes a creationist and thinks it should be taught in school.

Want some more Palin Haterade from people who actually study shit instead of relying on old fairly tales? You know its bad when Phil ventures in from the stars and takes a jab at politicians. His views aren't exactly hidden, but unlike PZ he does generally tries to avoid getting caught up in politics. I generally find that when people who prefer to keep silent feel the need to be heard, its because someone has given them good reason to be angry. Although in this case he simply points you towards others who have already ripped into Palin, so thats more like a link to other links.

More video love, I haven't watched it yet but I'm assuming its amusing. Again from PZ, this time we've got a song about Palin from Roy Zimmerman.

But who knows, maybe he didn't pick her because he wanted the support of former Hillary supporters. Maybe its something much simpler. Maybe John McCain simply likes younger attractive women....


heather said...

I really enjoyed this post.

It's quite sickening that her daughter's pregnancy (which you'd think showed the failings of abstinence-only sex education)has become a platform for her to advance her anti-abortion stance.

Plus, I find it disgusting that the girl has to get married, at seventeen, to support her mother's political ambitions. I bet the daughter got no "choice" in that decision.

Kilgore Trout said...

Great points, thanks!

I'll be honest I haven't been following this as closely as (I guess) I would like to, partially because I'm busy. Partially because like the DNC, only more so, I care more about the abuse of protesters than the prepared speeches. And finally because I learned enough about her political ideology after 5 minutes of reading to know that I don't like this person.

Thats my rambletastic way of saying I didn't even know that Bristol was going to marry the baby daddy, although I'm not surprised. I also don't care, other than from the perspective you pointed out that it was probably forced upon her. To be fair thought theres a good chance there would have been a shot-gun wedding even if Palin wasn't the VP pick. "You knock up ma baby, you better get a ring in a hurry." Still fucked up, but it might not be a political move. I'm willing to give benefit of the doubt, especially with personal matters.

OH and I find it hilarious that I made what was honestly meant as a joke about McCain picking Palin simply cause he likes attractive younger women. Shortly afterwards I hear about a video from his introduction of Palin where it sure looks like he's checking her out. I'll probably throw a little update onto this post to include that.