Tuesday, September 23, 2008


So much shit is going on right now.

Some interesting shit at this site, might have to save that blog for later....
Phil lays into McCain for his stance on science, and "science".
To no surprise there's all sorts of shit being talked over at D.Kos, I mean who else would get pissed about a little rocket fuel in their water? Although this one was interesting and fairly unexpected. They also had a classic in their pundit round up , meaning the folks at Kos got it from Bob Herbert.

Does anyone think it’s just a little weird to be stampeded into a $700 billion solution to the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression by the very people who brought us the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression?

How about a second opinion?

Good Call Bob. Basically for me, I don't know about this whole thing, the longer I think about it the worse it sounds. My Gov teacher last night couldn't help but repeatedly point out that were talking about a bill for 700 billion dollars, and the bill is three pages long. THREE!?!?

I need to run because... well actually cause I want to write another quick post that should be a wee bit more upbeat, which seems like the better way to end the day.

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