Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mean People Suck

This is just hardcore dickish. The story in the paper sounds fucking rude, the first person narrative sounds so much worse. I do have to question the writer placing blame on some stupid DVD that just got mailed out by some right-wingers, cause ya know nobody in this country had unfounded beef with muslims before that DVD came out, the timing does make it possible, I'm not going to speculate at these people's motives. I'm also not going to blame McCain, hey the story is from D.Kos, but the first person account they have is fairly brutal.

Anyway its a pretty fucked up act, especially because, and I really really hope this was accidental, they tear gassed (or whatever the irritant was) the kids room. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and assume they wanted to be assholes to the muslims on their high holy day, you know how muslims, jews, and christians are always playing practical jokes on each other? Oh wait. Maybe its more sinister like when the raving atheists attack churches on easter, what? That doesn't happen? Oh, well I'm still assuming that they mean to target the whole mosque and the got the children's room by mistake. If on the other hand it turns out they targeted that room intentionally then I would be significantly harsher as a judge, don't get me wrong I'd hit them with a hate crime either way.

Hat tip to PZ.

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