Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Underground Government Boxing Clubs

In death a member of project mayhem has a name, and his name is Henry Paulson.
- Fight Club (almost)

I've thought this over a bit and I do think the bailout is a bad idea, but for very different reasons than most. I don't know if the bailout will fix our economic problems, if it works how everyone hopes it will then it'll save our asses, and by doing so will perpetuate a system that simply cannot survive in the long term. They have these great ads right now that talk about how we have 60 years worth of oil offshore that congress isn't allowing us to tap. It's supposed to encourage us to tap that oil, to me it is just a perfect example of how short minded a people we are. It's only 60 years worth of oil, shit, we've only really been using oil on a large scale for 100 and look how much we've fucked shit up. Back to my point. I think not bailing out these companies might well lead to a crisis serious enough that we are then given the opportunity to rebuild a system that can last. I'm not sure what that system will look like, will it be a minor change like a third way between socialism and capitalism where hard work allows for limited inequality. Or are we looking at a true collapse of the system as we know it, maybe we will revert back to a more agricultural world that can actually live within our means, but I highly doubt that outcome.

But at the same time I say fuck it, the rich wanted laissez-faire capitalism and with partial deregulation they managed to royally fuck themselves. Greed is not the motivator we should use to run our entire lives, and greed is what drives capitalism, call it drive or motivation or whatever, its still greed. Greed is a good motivator don't get me wrong, but we cannot allow it to be the only motivator.

So Wall Street crumbles, many many businesses fail, how do we rebuild? What lessons have we learned? What will our new vision of the world look like? I don't know, but I'm curious to find out. Fuck the Bailout! I want to see the next great revolution, then again the bailout might only delay the revolution for a few years anyway.

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