Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Weekend and the Continuing Man-Crush

fHad a pretty decent weekend, Labor Day, a day I'd rather go to work. Yeah okay big props to the folks of the labor movement who brought us things like the 40 hour work week, child labor laws, and shit like that. But nowadays labor day means the end of summer and sales at Wal-mart. The irony being all the saps in retail who have to work at those stupid sales on a day specifically meant to give workers a much deserved day off. For me it meant an extra day of sitting around doing nothing, read a bit, ate too much, watched some movies. It's tough to do anything particularly interesting when you don't have a clue how you're going to pay this months bills.

And on to the Man-Crush. I love the Rude Pundit, seriously when I want the most brutally honest take on world events, particularly politics, I start by checking out the Rude Pundit. Part of it is that his analogies are disgusting and hilarious. But the main thing is his uncompromising honesty, he's obviously liberal, and a democrat supporter but when Obama (or previously Hilary) screws up, he tells it. Is he biased? Of course he's biased, but who isn't?

So here a few of his latest that I've enjoyed.
Gustav Doesn't Give a Fuck About Your Anniversaries, Conventions, or Holidays
Regarding Sarah Palin (and one or two other things)
Obama to GOP "Go Fuck Yourselves"
And a very short post I'll repost in its entirety.


A Brief Word on Barack Obama's Speech:
Now, mainstream politically speaking, that's how you beat down an old man.

More tomorrow.

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