Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Dark Knight

I finally got to see this flick and it's pretty damn good. Not even just sorta, hey it's good for a comic book movie but like actually a good film, I'm impressed. The dead guy played a great joker, he seemed more like a very disturbed person who had something terrible or many terrible things happen to him, completely insane but human, vs the old joker who just seemed like a the bad guy from a cartoon, or a comic.... So yeah this isn't exactly news to anyone but hey I'm cheap, I don't go to the theater unless it's something fuckin' special, or a chick wants to go, then I'll go watch National Treasure 2... true story, and that bitch just wanted to be friends. Which reminds me I gotta do a shout out for another movie that I might just go see in the theater.

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