Wednesday, October 01, 2008

I read EVERY newspaper and magazine

Booya! Those nasty left wing lettuce eaters, they think I don't know about stuff, but when asked what magazines and newspapers I read to stay current. I said "all of 'em" shiiiit try ta beat that sucka! Ok so some haters might say thats impossible and that my answer makes it sound like I don't read any, but their just east coast elitist with their hoidy toidy printin' presses an shit. I mean come on if they just wanted some name droppin' I coulda, I do have a degree in journalism. But when big momma S-Rahh is in the hizzie y'all know the only shit gettin' spit be tha trufh. Holla!

I have no idea why I wrote this like this, guess I still miss Tha H-Dog, if anyone wants to buy me this shirt then you'll be my besttist friend forever...ish .

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