Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mo Shite

A good little piece on why it makes sense to still be scared, without the fear mongering.

Hey remember that whole thing with prosecutors being fired illegally and whatnot?
"Our investigation found significant evidence that political partisan considerations were an important factor in the removal of several . . . U.S. attorneys."
Hmm... that could get interesting, although I doubt anyone will pay attention.

Who is this John Kerry fella and why wasn't he around four years ago when that guy with a similar name ran for president?
As for McCain's role in all this... John Kerry summed it up best: "He said he was going to interrupt his campaign to come down and save the negotiations. Most people believe is that what he did was interrupt the negotiations to come down and save his campaign."
Amazing. Other than it hurts to hear him have some balls when they were so lacking a few years back when he really needed them.

And here is a really random comic strip.

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