Tuesday, October 14, 2008

McCain's Crowds

Ok so McCain has been saying that abusive comments have been hurled at him during Obama rallies, just like how people keep yelling "Terrorist" at his and Palin's events. Now I've only been to one Obama rally and it's true that people yell things, this was during the primary so it was also directed at Hillary but the important thing was Obama's reaction. When people simply Boo'ed he would stop them and say, "McCain has done great service for our country blah blah respect and shit." (not an exact quote) And thats the important part, Obama would not allow us to show our disdain for his opponents, anger should not be a part of decision making. McCain and Palin simply ignore these insults and continue on, plus their constant reminders that Obama has worked with a guy who was a domestic terrorist when Obama was what like 4? This seems to create an air where such outbursts are at least acceptable if not encouraged. I actually thought it was a little weird at the time that Barack was so insistent that we not boo his opponents, but now I understand why. So yeah maybe McCain has heard some nasty shouts from the crowds, but how did Obama address them?

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