Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mood Swing

Well we just had some random kid (late teens maybe early 20's) come into the office to ask to use the phone, he calls his mom and is crying. The secretary motions me to stand near-by I'm not paying much attention prior to this so I figure she's worried about him flipping out or something, just assume she wanted me as security. Nope, she then asked if our crisis counselor was still here and I said he just left, turns out he had asked his mom to get him before he kills himself. At my agency we take that pretty seriously... except she was waving me to help. Fuck that. Thats not really my forte' to begin with, but I'm pretty much emotionally blank today and I really really don't think I could have helped the situation. So you just got outta jail and went to see your girl friend only to find out that she has a new boyfriend? Kiss my ass, at least you had a girlfriend. I'm older than you, smarter than you and probably an all around better person than you (I did say I was going to keep the arrogance) and I'm perpetually single so go fuck yourself if you're looking for empathy here. Live, die, whatever, just remember that suicide fucks up you whole family and is a total dick move, and seeing as you're crying to your mom right now, I'm guessing you're family matters to you.

But then I got a couple of comments on here from Kristi who has apparently spent about 2 hours (as of the last comment) reading my blog. It's funny but it actually cheered me up a little. Apparently my writing has brought a little joy to someone I don't even know, so that's pretty cool.

So Kristi, I want to say thanks. Oh and I told you I was a simple bastard.


Anonymous said...

wow..you couldn't take five minutes out of your life to help save someone else's?
That's how bad the world is getting? Nobody has heard of random acts of kindness anymore? Nobody has time for anyone else but themself?

Kilgore Trout said...

You've got a point, when you say it that way I really sound like an asshole. But either you missed what I was trying to say or I didn't say it well.

First off my office is full of people who are much better at dealing with this type of thing than I. In fact our Crisis Intervention guy had just walked out the door, which was too bad. The kid got plenty of help. As a guy that age I'm sure he was far more able to vent to a kind grandmother type and an awesome RN thats about 40 but you'd guess much younger than to a guy just a few years older than himself. That much would have been true no matter how I was that day. Had I been the only one in the room, actually I probably wouldn't have heard him say what triggered this whole thing because I didn't here it until that grandma type told me. But suppose I was the only one who could help, yeah obviously I would have done my best to help the kid. What I was trying to say was that being where I was that day, I just don't think I'd have been very helpful.

Anonymous said...

you should have included that..the way you worded it in your blog made you sound like an asshole! So the kid got help and is good now?

Kilgore Trout said...

Well I wasn't in the best of moods while I wrote it so I guess that shouldn't surprise me.

I hope the kid is alright, he was just a random person off the street so I don't really know, I didn't hear anyone say they saw him in the paper then again I don't know what his name was. They said he seemed a lot better by the time he left.