Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Damn I haven't written anything for a week! I'm sorry.

My usual topic of politics is pretty much all wrapped up other than the formalities in a week where it becomes official that Obama is the next president. I know a lot of people that are still worried that there are too many people with deep seated racism that will vote for McCain even after saying they were for Obama for months. Personally I just don't by it.

Actually, here is my prediction. Obama will win, not a landslide but pretty damn big, 325 Electoral votes or more. Then he will get in office, along with a pretty good majority of Dems in both the House and the Senate, Leiberman will no longer have the Dems by the nuts, and..... not much. We have no money. He won't be able to do shit, he wont be able to get us out of Iraq quickly He'll end up escalating Afghanistan in order to finish what should have been done in '02 spending the money we save as we draw down from Iraq. There won't be any universal health care, our economy is still going to be fucked, we're still going to be fighting an idea and all we will be able to cheer about is that we stopped going in the wrong direction, but I really don't think the democratic party has the will to do what needs to be done right now. It's going to take some hard love. Obama is going to have to stare down america and say we've been writing checks our asses can't cash. We've been living way beyond our means, and it can't continue. The government is going to return to the pay-go system and I highly recommend that we as a people do the same, if you can't afford it, DON'T BUY IT! One that really sucks is that I guarantee we don't get universal health care, which is too bad cause it'll probably be cheaper in the long run. Companies can bitch about getting taxed but imagine if no company had to worry about health care for its employees. That would help businesses of all sizes, but it won't happen because I'm sure it will cost a lot of money to implement and guess what between the trillion in bailouts and the trillion in tax cuts for the rich we are fucking broke and we gotta be nearing the limit on our credit. For the same reason its bad to take out a loan to pay off your credit cards, this constant reliance on borrowed money has to end eventually. Of course we could easily slash billions out of the pentagons budget but thats not allowed. Do you realize we are still building new submarines? Seriously, I think it was $200 billion on new Subs. Umm... Subs are used to stealthily destroy boats or the big ones are for launching nuclear missiles. We better not be doing any nuking and we should have enough old subs for taking out the Al-Qeada's Navy. This sort of stuff is fucking stupid. Fight the war with the army we have, not the one that looks cool in the movie- Do you concur captain? I do concur.

As for me, well life keeps goin'. I think I'm going to be an Obama Pez Dispenser for Halloween. Or should that be a Prez dispenser? Too corny?

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