Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Evangelicals aren't so bad...

Eh this was going to be a jokingly perverted post about how evangelicals have sex younger than almost any other religious group. Note to self, never get an idea for a post in your head based on the Fark Headline. It is a fairly interesting article though, about how Liberals are all for real sex-ed and are fine with pre-marital sex, but an unplanned pregnancy is a big deal. And Conservatives want abstinence only education, are not cool with premarital sex, but if you get knocked up it's no big deal, your keepin' the kid and ya might want to marry the fella but other wise it's fine. Interesting, at first glance it's hard for me to imagine being nonchalant about unplanned pregnancy, and I'm sure it's not exactly nonchalant if your the teen about to go tell daddy to "put down the shotgun pa I've got something to tell you." From the evangelical perspective it's all part of god's plan so I guess it makes sense to not flip out too much over bad choices. I don't agree with the view, but I can try my best to understand them.

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