Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Onion is a little too accurate....

Nation Finally Shitty Enough to Make Social Progress.

It suddenly occurred to me that Naomi Klein is right, in the Shock Doctrine. But it's true in both directions, but I don't think to the same degree. She railed against using natural or man-made disasters to further economic and political ideas. Don't we liberals do the same thing? FDR never would have the new deal without the great depression. Then again we wouldn't have needed it without the depression. Actually now that I have said this I'm not so sure it's true after all. Would Obama have been elected without the financial collapse? Probably, but it sure wouldn't have been a landslide. There was a point to this. I was going to say how liberals also use crisis to further their goals and its true, if you've read the Shock Doctrine than you know there's many examples of the conservatives doing this, cough cough 9/11 cough, then I was going to say how we use it to better lives while they do it for money, but thats just a matter of perspective. Ultimately I think this really just shows that the nature of society is to protect the statue quo. We fear change, unless things get so bad that we fear the path we are on more than the unknown. But we all know that.

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