Wednesday, November 05, 2008


The Aliance of the radical liberal socialist demi-muslim's has finally taken control!!!!! Bwahahahahah!!!
Feel the wrath of a decent living for all!
Redistribution of wealth, fuck the rich!
Other evil un-american shit.....

BTW. Wow,.... shitty timing. just at the moment when I was going to say I've neer been happier Rob's QOMU says, "Ted Stevens is winning..." Ugh... Well I'm still fuckin' happy right now, and maybe ever so slightly tipsy. Oh yeah and I'm at Rob's house. Hello Rob 4 feet away!
I'm still only half convinced that I'm going to wake up in a moment to my alarm saying November 4th, this all being simply a dream.
And to all a good night.

P.S. Obama's good. He reminds me what a president is supposed to sound like. And I'm not sure what more I can say about that.
And if that McCain had been in this election it would have been a much tougher race. That's the McCain I once respected. Oh well.

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