Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Emo No Mo

I'm just an idiot when it comes to the ladies, as we all know. Oh well. No point getting all bent outta shape about it. No time to worry about that, I've got finals and it looks like I'm going to head to DC for the inauguration. I'm taking the one from my study group that I've mentioned being interested in. Whats weird about that is that after she said she wanted to go she mentioned being back together with her ex. That should probably tell me something about her interest level in me. I'm not too worried about her BF, she doesn't seem to think all that highly of him. But that is a little weird right? I'm going out with both the girls from my study group tomorrow night after our last final. Or in my case final then office christmas party then out with the ladies. I'll be curious to see if she brings the BF along. I've also realized that I haven't spent that much time with her and I really hope she doesn't annoy the fuck out of me. We have way way more fun studying than can possibly be normal but a big part of that is the two girls just laugh their asses off over anything which gets me laughing too. Guess I'll know a little more after Thursday. Ugh off to another final, this time history.


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