Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'm going to get an Anonymous bitch-slap

I did it again. I fell into the exact same situation that we've been talking about. I thought I was doing better, but when I see it slipping away I fall into desperation to try to cling to something that was never there. Which is bad enough, it's even worse when the only play book you have is the one "anonymous" called me out for, the nice-guy routine which is the worst play book ever. I need to burn that play book.

The first step is knowing when to admit defeat. Ok that's not even close to the first step but its the first one I'm thinking of now. I need to learn that you can't try to force someone to love you, it doesn't work that way and you only insult them and disrespect them. I can say this all I want but somehow I need to act upon this.

The real first step is that when a chick says, "were just friends" she probably means it. If shes says she just wants to be friends, and I still want to be more than friends I need to just walk away. Every time I try to ease my way in via the friend route its a fucking disaster. Everyone knows that route is a disaster, its an act of desperation and the one thing I should have learned by now is that desperate is not attractive, never.

And finally. Be cocky. Not totally arrogant and annoying, but have confidence in myself. Just go for it, trust your wit and humor. People like me because I'm free, open and funny, when I like someone I get so nervous about saying the wrong thing that I'm just not fun anymore. Which is why I tend to drink too much, it blocks my inhibitions and those fuckin guys always get in my way. Now lets just see if I can actually stick to this plan.


Anonymous said...

Sorry dude I didn't mean it in a bitchy or bitch slap kind of way. It's hard to tell intentions over the 'net and it was never my intention to hurt your feelings in any way.
Here's my opinion, and don't take it personally because i'm wrong, alot.
I just feel like you are in love with the Idea of love. You jump head first into females you know nothing about. Sure you know the surface, friends with them for a bit, but you put your all into someone who honestly may or may not be worth it!

Kilgore Trout said...

I didn't mean you were being a bitch in the slightest. I meant that you should bitch slap me for doing the exact same shit yet again. But now I realize what I'm doing wrong immediately after doing it, even before I get a reaction. Pretty soon I might even be able to see myself doing it just before I do it which might stop me from doing it.

And yeah you've pretty much got me down with being in love with the idea of love cause obviously I've got a lot of love to give, and no one to give it to.

Youre a good shit charlie brown.

Kilgore Trout said...

Oh and yeah my selection process isn't real complex or deep. If she's pretty, fairly smart, not a total bitch and smiles at me, then I'm in love. Ok it's not quite that bad, but not far off either.

Anonymous said...

:) okay I totally misunderstood.
Now it's time for me to....

*bitch slaps you*