Thursday, December 18, 2008

Zeitgeist v. Zeitgeist Exposed

I just sorta kinda watched the New Zeitgeist movie, Zeitgeist Addendum. Now just outta curiosity I'm watching some stuff trying to refute the movie. It starts by saying that the movie uses the same sources repeatedly, oooh noes! It's blasting the fact that they went after the fish allegory being for the age of pisces and said that fish were an important food source so of course they'll get mentioned a lot. No argument there. Next they take on the fact that theres many many other "gods" with very similar stories to jesus. They claim that this idea must have come from this one book and that book is discredited, um... strawman. I bet theres other sources besides that shitty book for the many other ancient gods. Plus they already talked about the sources, is that book a source or not? Eh. I didn't watch the whole thing, there was a bunch of bible passages and thats about when I tuned out. Wasn't too impressed. The first Zeitgeist impressed me, I didn't immediately think that it was all true, but it made me really curious and want to look into it further. Unfortunately the records from two thousand years ago can be a little spotty, so I guess we won't really know for sure till we die. So I'm not in any big rush to find out.


steve said...

Do your own research. Forget about the Christian blogs wanting to prove Christianity true. Instead, find out if Zeitgeist is true.

Is Horus the sun god? (no.) Does the sun die for three days on the horizon and rise on the 25th? (no, it's the 23rd.) Is there any evidence at all that Horus was baptized or had 12 followers? (um, nope.) Is Aten (a god often pictured in Zeitgeist) the same things as Horus? (Laughable.)

The reality is that there are a lot of resurrection gods in the ancient mythology. It isn't hard to imagine how that came to be given the yearly death of winter and return to life of spring.

There are many substantial attacks on Christianity and religion in general that use actual fact and accepted sources. Zeitgeist just isn't one of them. Stop committing intellectual suicide and stop the movie every few seconds and do a cursory wikipedia or google check to see if there's anything to what you have just heard.

Kilgore Trout said...

I'm not sure it's intellectual suicide to say that a movie made you curious, but not enough to really care. I didn't do a lot of research on my own because it doesn't affect my life or world view one iota if Jesus existed or not. I've generally assumed that there was a rabble rousing rabbi back in the day that got nailed to a cross, he seemed to ave some decent ideas, he was no Gandhi but he was a pretty good dude for his time.

So your right I didn't do enough research to be any sort of expert. But I don't care, I'm not an expert. I was killin' time at work while hearing about a mildly interesting topic, thats all. And it's easy to listen to a video while working, its a lot harder to do real research while doing data-entry.

Anonymous said...

Living your life as an ignorant sheep is quite an experience, isn't it?

Kilgore Trout said...

Sure buddy