Friday, January 30, 2009

Why I'm Hopeful

Call it hyperbole if ya want but Obama has done more good in his first couple weeks than the Shrub did in 8 years. I will say that Bush was an incredibly influential president, but then again Osama Bin Laden was influential too. Anyway I want to focus on the positive, and Obama has been dishin' it out in spades. Closing Guantanamo, Ending Torture, Equal Pay, funding foreign org's that teach family planning even if they support abortion (gasp).

Shit gotta do some work. Oh I should point out I'm in a good mood today, going to lunch with a beautiful co-worker who wants to set me up with a friend, after work I'm going out for a beer with a different beautiful co-worker (ok so shes more than twice my age but shes cool) and after that I might be meeting up with another lady that seems promising. Yup I'm just that simple.



rob said...

Your simplicity is what makes you so fucking cute.

Kilgore Trout said...

Awww thats slightly creepy.
Yeah I'm simple. Oh and things went pretty good with the lady I met up with. I need to come up with an online nickname for her. I'll call her Marquis, till I come up with something cuter. Actually before I write too much here I should probably just write a post about my weekend, it's sort of inevitable anyway