Monday, February 02, 2009

Football Game

So we watched the first half of the game, got bored and started watching Family Guy, then we flipped back for the last 35 seconds of the game only to realize that we had missed the part where it actually turned into a game. Oh well. It was still a great weekend because I finally got to meet a lady I had been talking to a little bit online. Turns out she's a friend of a friend, she's got two adorable little girls who absolutely love me, if only adults were so easy to read. I gotta say that having two hyper children in the room does take the edge of meeting someone for the first time, theres no awkward silences when there's hardly ever a moment not filled with laughter. I guess I need to give her an online nickname for anonymities sake. I'll call her Marque, for reasons that may become clear later on. I'll give her a new nickname when I think of something cuter. The worst but most endearing part of friday night was when she was trying to get the girls to bed, and being a friday they have a tradition of all cuddling up on the futon together, so I couldn't really stay to chat after the kids went to sleep. So she was tucking them in and saying goodbye to me when the older of the two, she's five, started balling. What are you supposed to do when there's a five year old crying and begging you to stay the night? We joked that I'd explain it to her grandma in the morning when she came to pick up the kids that I had stayed to be with the five year old. Probably wouldn't help matters. So I left with the promise that I would return, and returning was about all that I could think of until I did return on Sunday for the super bowl. Of course now I am sitting here thinking how I'd like to see her again but it might be a few days, I've got classes. Maybe it was just because the kids kept the atmosphere so fun that it was just easy and natural to just chill with this beautiful woman I had just met, or maybe theres something pretty special there. I'm trying not to jump to the second conclusion too quickly, because I know I want to. Back to friday night, she loves to read, which obviously is cool with me. So she gave me a book, Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk. Being the simple bastard that I am, I read the book before I went back to see her on Sunday. On sunday she went ice skating with the girls and some guy and his kid. I was hoping this was a play date for the kids but she said they had quasi-dated. I'm not sure how to take that but it's part of why I'm trying to hold back a bit. To confuse matters even more she gave me another book before I left on Sunday, Bound to Love, which is a series of short stories about bondage, fairly graphic too. This probably falls into the TMI category of my few readers, but I've never tried the whole BDSM thing, which isn't to say I won't try. So like I said I'm really not sure how to take all of that (is it normal to know about a womans fetishes before you've even kissed her?) but I guess I'll just assume she's playing the field, seeing whats out there. Which is fine, it's not like I haven't done a little of that myself recently. At the same time a co-worker told me about a friend who sounds like quite the catch, but I don't her to hold off until I know more about Marque. Hell last night I even got a late night phone call from a drunk somebody practically begging for sex, and I said no. Theres a few reasons why I said no but one of them was Marque. I don't think I've ever been asked flat out for sex before and said no. Hmm... Anyway Marque is pretty chill, I hope things progress.


rob said...

You said NO to a late night bootie call? Hmmm, you MUST be a bit infatuated. Gotta knock the other guy out though.

Kilgore Trout said...

Eh, I'm not too worried about him. But I am kicking myself for not catching if she said she IS quasi-dating the guy, or WAS quasi-dating him. Either way I might be seeing her for a little bit this afternoon before I have class, and more importantly I insisted we go out sometime soon and she said she would love to. I'm looking forward to it.