Monday, January 05, 2009


just when things were starting to look up they get real confusing. My last post was jubilant about how I met this nice young lady who seems quite interested in me. Like I said, she works too much so we haven't even been on a real date yet, actually like I said before it had turned into a defacto booty call, but I guess I didn't make it clear that I don't want just a booty call, sex is great but theres a lot more to a relationship which is what I'm looking for. The real problem is that now I haven't spoken to her in a couple days, we'd been texting a few times a day and then yesterday she just stopped responding. Then today she's online so I say hello on AIM and.... nothing. WTF?

Theres basically three options. One is that her phone was dead, she's had issues with her charger or some such shit and she's not ignoring me. Another is that she's mad cause when she asked where our relationship was I said it was a defacto booty call because she doesn't have time for anything more. I thought I made it clear that I want more than that she just doesn't have time right now. If thats the case then no big deal we can work that out easily. The option I worry about is that she's made a few mentions of her ex, who she still lives with. She dated him for a long time, they broke up, but neither could afford to move out so they still live together. Then she talked one day about how she'll probably marry him someday even though he drives her nuts, and totally mooches off her. Umm... K. Now she calls him her ex but she told me that he got upset when she told him about sleeping with me, and since then I've only seen her for an hour or two at a time. Then she tells me they might buy a car together even though he doesn't have a job, oh and it'll be in his name.... Combine that shit with her talk of how she had made a plan to have sex with me like 2 months ago, which is right around when we first started talking again.
And I don't think I'm crazy to think that she just wanted to make her ex jealous. I'm half thinking the only reason she keeps coming around is cause she says I'm the best she's ever had. Maybe I'm wrong, hopefully I'm wrong. And I can be optimistic that I'm wrong because she was trying to arrange for me to meet some of her family, of course I would have been very curious to hear how she introduced me to them. But right now I just have no fucking clue whats going on because she isn't talking to me and thats just driving me nuts.


heather said...

I feel a bit too much like someone on Oprah for doing this but, still, I think you need some womanly advice...

You seem like really nice man. Just give up on this. There are millions of other girls who haven't got an ex living with them and won't mess with your head like this.

Kilgore Trout said...

hehe, yeah I need to write an update to this post. Turns out she had lost her phone for a few days and her AIM isn't working right and didn't get my messages. And if you've read this blog much you'll know that I'm pretty much the definition of a hopeless romantic, I'm not real quick to give up on a girl I have a chance with.

Realistically I don't see this as being a terribly serious relationship. Hell even if she really is just trying to make her ex jealous and have great sex for a bit that would be ok with me, so long as she tells me. What can I say I'm a horny bastard. And as long as I know it's just sex I can keep an eye out for what else is available and without my usual desperation which I've realized is quite the turn off.