Friday, March 13, 2009


UPDATE: This is rather incoherent.... It's supposed to say that I let myself get neurotic for a little bit but then I realized that I was being neurotic and I need to knock that shit off because things are going great with someone who makes me happy.

A friend wrote me quite an e-mail about some issues she's going through. I didn't really have an answer and basically responded with a rant of my own. Nah not a rant but a venting for sure. Then after stewing in it for a while I realized something important. The venting was about Marque, she's amazing but there is one issue that I can't seem to get out of my head. Then it hit me. Things have been going great and I'm just being myself. Our time together is laid back and fun. So why am I trying to push things now? Everything is going to turn out great so long as I just let things progress on their own. Not to mention the fact that I fall too quickly so I should expect it to feel like it's going too slowly. Plus it's not like she is in the simplest of spots and I respect that. She's too great to lose over something as petty as the pace of our relationship. Plus it sounds like it's going to be a nice weekend after all. She has the kids which sounds like the perfect ingredients for having some fun at a park or two. So ya, I need to stop thinking so much about shit and just let it happen. Which in every other part of my life is really easy for me to do.

Moral of the story. Things are going great, I'm very happy, and thats all I should be thinking about.

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