Monday, March 30, 2009

V Day

Went to my first Vagina Monologue this weekend. It was a blast. Ok yeah its obviously not all fun and games, there are some truly horrifying stories told during the event, but they're mixed in with fun skits like the angry vagina and the one my friend did which was the moans. Then a bunch of us went to a bar on Market St. If you're ever in Corning you have to go to Market St. It's a throwback to what downtowns used to be like. Then we go hungry and went across the street for some pizza and eventually down to another bar where our numbers had dwindled down to just the fun people. This is when it really got interesting. Their was a good band playing and quite a bit of dancing. One girl that came with us, I'll call her Lois, was a riot. She dances more than I do, she's actually an occasional belly dancer, and she's fun. If you need more proof, she does roller derby. Roller derby? So yeah I'm looking forward to seeing her again. Oh and while Marque hasn't officially broken things off with me we've barely spoke lately and I'm done pushing it. If she wants to make it work then we will see but I'm not going to drive myself insane pursuing her anymore.

So back to the weekend. Having fun, listening to some tunes, dancing, drinking, and general merriment. I was DD, gave Lois and a particularly drunken lady a ride, first to drunk lady's house where we chatted for a bit and sipped a few of her beers. Then dropped Lois at her car and the three of us went on home. Oh that would be my friend that was in the Vagina Monologues and her husband. She was pretty tanked herself. Anyway, good times were had. Hopefully I'll have more to tell about Lois at some point, were probably going back to corning next weekend to see the band again, maybe my friend will invite her....

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