Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

Ok this has nothing to do with earth day but I guess its fitting, I bought a new bike. I'm a sucker. I bought the Bowery.

I'm brand new to this so I have basically zero experience to base this off of but damn that bike is quick. I've only gone on a couple five minute rides, one was a test drive and the other way back to work, but wow. As a kid it was the mountain bike craze so I had one, actually I still have that bike, and then I bought that cruiser. I also had a BMX bike that I won which was my first bike that was actually mine. So I've never been on a quick bike before. I will say that I didn't spend MSRP on it, but it wasn't cheap so I really hope I like it. And if my folks read this, yeah I know I could have insured the car for quite a while for what I just spent, but I just really want to go without a car for a little while.

I'll also say that now I'm going to have to buy a helmet, damn. They are fucking ugly. With my slow ass beach cruiser bike I wasn't too worried about crashing. It was slow, a bit of chrome, and an upright seating that easily allowed me to look back to check traffic. This one isn't leaned over like a racing bike, but its far more leaned over than I'm used to, it's flat gray, and will actually go fast enough that I don't want to crash. Plus I'd be willing to go down a hill on this one, the coaster brake on the other was so bad that I was as worried about going down the hills as I was going up them, albeit for different reasons.

I'm a little nervous about the seat, it seems awfully little compared to my ass. It wasn't noticeably uncomfortable, but I've only ridden it for very short runs. New seats are pretty cheap. So are petals which I've been told are pretty flimsy on this model. Some people don't like the handle bars, I've laughed at how many people have mentioned swapping the straight bars for drops or drops for straight. It's available either way, why not just buy the model and not bother with the swap, maybe they like one paint job over the other.

So I have new toy and I'm just a tall little kid, I want to ride bike. I really don't want to be stuck behind this computer.

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