Thursday, June 11, 2009

Stupid Republicans

Theres so many examples of stupid republicans, come on they describe Newt as being energetic. More to the point is the threats about "not wanting to filibuster" judge Sotomayor. Claiming its the only way to keep it fair, because otherwise they'd be in too big a rush. And this is where it gets particularly amazing, part of their argument is that they need time because she has "the longest judicial record in recent memory," said Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., the minority leader. So it only took 72 days to confirm Chief Justice John Roberts, but to ask this congress to confirm Sotomayor before recess, 73 days, is unfair because she has a way more experience on the bench. Stick with that.

Of course the republicans are doing a pretty good job of making themselves irrelevant and that will be complete once Frankin is finally seated, so its probably not entirely stupid of Norm Coleman to kill his own political career by doing everything possible to delay that glorious day. But on the upside the court has told Norm that he owes Al about $95,000 plus interest for everyday he doesn't pay. If he actually had to pay it out of his own pocket he'd probably be concerned but I'm sure he doesn't. So maybe he's not a stupid republican but he is an asshole.

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