Wednesday, July 08, 2009

0.2 seconds behind

Not bad Lance, not bad.

I really do have a one track mind. For a few years I was into politics, that made me realize how much religion fucks with the political process, that got me into the science vs religion battle, which got me into science. All of these issues have been given plenty of play here at QR, there has also always been a healthy dose of personal catharsis via writing here what I often can't say in life. I just seem to get focused on something and I get really into it for a while, some of these last longer than others. The paintball thing didn't last very long, probably because my marker (AKA - gun) didn't last very long. Now I'm focused on biking. I'm really loving it, and with all the stuff thats been going on with my personal life I wasn't able to ride much and when I did hop back on my bike I noticed how much lung endurance I had lost in that short period of time. I'm really hoping this isn't a fad, for quite a while I've been trying to lose weight and it's going quite well. I've gone from a peak of 273lbs to 211 today. My goal used to be to break 200 and call that good enough. I just didn't want to be fat anymore, but thats no longer my goal, now I want to actually get in shape. I even bought my first pair of Lycra shorts yesterday, and while I know I'm going to get teased they do make for a much more comfortable ride. My upper body is still very squishy but my legs are looking pretty decent so I'm honestly not that embarrassed with the skin tight shorts. Anyway at least for the moment my mind is stuck in biking mode, although I am talking to a lady but thats far to early to be concerned with. Plus as I get in shape my confidence is increasing and thats really what I've been lacking when trying to approach the fairer sex. Shit I've spent so long slowly writing this that the next stage of the tour is probably over and now my headline is silly. Guess I should just post this already.

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rob said...

You're only 9 pounds heavier than me! Go Lance. You're inspiring me to ride my bike (after I start eating again) just like you inspired me to read the Shock Doctrine. You da bomb.